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Apparatus Rod Assembly Set


Apparatus Crossbars:
A) Crossbars are to be 3/4" (19 mm) diameter, anodized aluminum rods, with ends rounded. Lengths as indicated on drawings and by assembly model number.
Apparatus upright Rods
B) Upright bars or rods are to be 3/4" (19 mm) diameter, anodized aluminum, 36" (915 mm) long with a rounded top and a tapered bottom to fit rod sockets.
Apparatus Clamps:
C) Clamps are to be 1" (25 mm) square aluminum stock, with two 3/4" (19 mm) diameter openings, at right angles to each other, bored through sides. Openings are upright rods and crossbars. Thumb screw into each end of clamp, tighten against the rods to hold required positions.
Apparatus Rod Sockets:
D) Rod sockets are mushroom type, machined from a solid aluminum rod. Sockets to be held in place by a heavy aluminum lock nut and washer. Rod sockets may be either surface mounted or recessed type as desired or specified.

See below Model numbers and further details



Upright Rod Assembly and Metal Crossbar: Aluminum. Two vertical rods and one horizontal crossbar, 3/4 inch (19 mm) in diameter and 36 inches (900 mm) long unless otherwise indicated; two flush socket receptacles and two crossbar clamps. Ends of vertical rods are tapered to fit receptacles; all other rod ends are rounded.

Upright Apparatus Rod Assemblies & Components

In accordance with Architectural specification for K-12 schools for teacher benches or demonstration stations, student benches, peninsulas and islands, Apparatus Rod Assemblies or Retort Stands will consist of one or two vertical support rods or upright assemblies and one horizontal cross rod, and will be anodized aluminum 3/4" (19mm) diameter and are complete with two burette rod sockets and two ring support clamps, when specified.

A wide variety of assemblies for installation on laboratory bench tops and instructor demonstration tables made of epoxy resin and solid phenolic resin utilize Apparatus Rod Assemblies. The vertical assembly rods will be tapered at one end to fit into a tapered adapter for flush or recessed receptacle while all other rod ends are rounded. Typical vertical length is 36" (914mm) unless otherwise indicated. Horizontal rods are typically 39" (990mm), unless otherwise called out in specification.

Rod Sockets are to be secured through epoxy or solid phenolic table tops with lock nut washer. Rod Clamps are also to be heavy-duty and designed to securely hold all Rod Assemblies in any position. Use of wood assemblies are not acceptable according to code.

Specify which Burette rod socket type
is required when ordering, surface or recess mount.

Vertical Burette Rods
Vertical burette rods are 3/4" diameter aluminum rod and are tapered at one end to fit into the AAP100 or AAP101 burette sockets

AAP110-024 3/4" dia. x 24" vertical rod.
AAP110-036 3/4" dia. x 36" vertical rod.
AAP110-039 3/4" dia. x 39" vertical rod.
AAP110-048 3/4" dia. x 48" vertical rod.

Burette Sockets:

AAP100 Aluminum burette socket for recess mounting.
AAP101 Aluminum burette socket for surface mounting.AAP-101

AAP150 Aluminum clamp for 3/4" rods.

Horizontal Rods
Horizontal burette rods are 3/4" diameter aluminum rod and are rounded at both ends.

AAP155-024 3/4" dia. x 24" horizontal rod.
AAP155-036 3/4" dia. x 36" horizontal rod.
AAP155-039 3/4" dia. x 39" horizontal rod.
AAP155-048 3/4" dia. x 48" horizontal rod.



Aluminum Greenlaw Arm Assembly

Apparatus rod assembly consisting of one tapered aluminum vertical upright rod 36" (914mm) long x 3/4" (19mm) diameter; one horizontal aluminum Greenlaw arm 22" to 24" (559mm to 609mm) long x 3/4" (19mm) diameter; and one aluminum thumbscrew clamp and one burette socket.